A Perfect Bicycle Furniture for Your Home

Getting a nice bicycle furniture can solve many problems. A bicycle can really take up a lot of space in the house. Besides, nobody wants to leave a bicycle outside or simply there is no extra space in the garage for it. Furniture for bikes will be convenient more for more than just a more space, but it will be a perfect fit for the design of your home. You will have an awesome piece of furniture and a perfect for placing your bicycle. If you are not handy to build your own, you can choose from these brands. They are practical, stylish, and their prices are great.

Velo Furniture

Australian brand, located in Melbourne and Sydney. This company is simple and elegant. Offering everything that you need. Velo Furniture “bicycle wardrobe” can fit perfectly into any surroundings without poking the eyes with unorthodox designs or colors. Simple and minimalistic design for your bicycle. Basically, with Velo Furniture you will be able to store your bike and all the necessary equipment to maintain it in one place. The best thing about this company, besides awesome product, is that every piece of furniture is handmade from scratch. It is not just convenient and practical, but it is a unique piece of furniture too.

Chol #1

If you looking for something more elegant as a bike storage than Chol #1 Chilean designing company will be definitely on the top of your list. They prefer minimalistic designs that include bookshelves and sideboards, not that they are convenient and practical for small apartments, but they are beautiful too! Everything is made of wood and you can choose in many different colors that will suits perfectly into your home. If you are someone who is looking for cool, urbanist look than Chol#1 is definitely a right choice for you.


Mikili’s slogan sums their philosophy pretty good- “The bicycle is no longer just a means of transportation, but a lifestyle and fashion accessory.” They are very passionate about minimalism and simplicity. If you are looking for something minimalistic and simple, you will be blown away by their solutions. Everything they do is made of wood, and all the racks and shelves are designed to be unique just for you. With their designs, you will make a statement that bike is not just for transportation!

Peri Products

Sometimes look can be decisive. Don’t be tricked by their strange instrument look-a-like designs. Their design will bring your furniture and interior to the next level. You can buy all of their designs mostly online, except if you are near Lenexa, Kansas or Denver, Colorado. In these two shops, you will be able to look around and eventually buy something for your bicycle.


So far we only discussed awesome designs that are convenient for everyone. Let’s involve ecological reasons now for everyone that are ecologically conscious. Lumber industry caused so many problems related to a forest degradation in British Columbia. Tons of wood have been destroyed, with many eco-systems being devastated. That is why we are mentioning Killwood. They are only using material that will go to waste. Not just that they have ecological awareness, but their products are very convenient and will improve the design in your home.

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