This Hot Dog Bed Will Make Your Pet Even More Adorable

Can you imagine the faces of people seeing your dog in a hot dog-shaped bed? It is pretty much like a Halloween costume, but instead of wearing it only once a year, your dog (or cat) can make you laugh every day.  Seeing the dog in a hot bun will bring you so much joy. It is adorable and perfectly safe for your pet.

This bed is resistant to dirt and it is on sale at New Chic. It comes in two sizes. A large one, for bigger dogs, is 41$ while the small sized bed is 35$. You can take the bottom cushion out in case that your pet needs extra space. Both sizes lean toward medium-sized pups, so you have to check it carefully.

In case someone does not see the funny part of this story at first glance, the bed has a proper label on it. It comes with green lining, too. Let’s assume it is a relish, or if you are really odd a lettuce. Who eats lettuce with a hot dog, right?

If you are not convinced, here are some gorgeous pictures of dogs in a hot dog bed:

What do you think?